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An award winning director, Geoffrey's narrative film directorial debut, the short film EnSuite, has been an official selection for a number of festivals, and has been nominated and won multiple times for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress, and Best Actor. Festivals so far have includee Newport Beach Film FestivalNew York Shorts International Film Festival, the Chain NYC Film Festival, and the Garden State Film Festival.

Geoffrey has been directing for the stage for years. His most recent project, which he both directed and co-wrote for the Olami Manhattan Theater Company, was the semi-immersive piece New York. Circa. 1909. at Soho Playhouse.  Sweet Texas Reckoning, Stripped (which also he co-wrote), James Mclure's double-bill of Lone Star and Laundry & BourbonFor Our Daughters in Staten Island, Prey (NYfringe 2010),  My Secret Public Seder (Original, written for the Bergen County JCCY), Winterglass (Original), and  Cowboys II,  by Sam Shepard.

Geoffrey began directing at Amherst College, and in London, developed the play-reading series Readings at One at the Duke of York's Theater in the West End, where he directed the London premier reading of Allan Knee's The Man Who was Peter Pan, upon which the film Finding Neverland was based. He also directs non-scripted and commercial work.

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