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Geoffrey Cantor


This is my official website. Yes, I also have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. But this is the best way to learn about projects I might be doing and people I might be working with. You can see pictures and videos, get in contact with me, either directly or through my amazing and varied rep, and even find out about some other work I do outside of the business. 

Thanks for stopping by. 


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​​​​​On The Way North

Begin filming another short film in February with David Kleinman rounding out an excellent cast that includes the actors Sebastian Beacon and Brian Anthony Wilson

Karl Manhair, Postal Inspector

​When a down-and-out Postal Inspector, struggling with his increasing irrelevance in the world takes to heart the advice of his new-age "life coach," he finds himself embroiled in the most bizarre case of his career, but one that just might lead to renewed purpose in his life

Projects and News

Welcome to My Website

Annie and the Asteroid

My last gig of the 2016, I finished filming this short film in December with the amazing team from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Details to follow...when I have them.


Excited to announce that I will be a guest at my first "CON." The Big Apple Con is coming to New York the weekend of March 11 - 12 at Penn Plaza Pavilion, 401 Seventh Avenue at 33rd St in New York City. 


​​On January 12, I had the pleasure to appear on a panel of actors and industry professionals as part of a series of discussions organized by this networking group. Panelists included Matt Penn, Tanya Wright, and others. 

Comedy Central's The Daily Show 

​This was a fun little bit I did that aired on November 3rd. Talk about hitting a bit close to home. 





​Ellison has survived two seasons in the Marvel Universe. Looks like he's gonna be around for a bit longer.