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Geoffrey Cantor

Madam Secretary

​Tea Leone, Eric Stolz. Sebastian Arcelus, and director Robb Greanlea made this one of the easier gigs I've done in ages, and one of my favorite shows on Network TV.  Should air sometime in October.





This is my official website. Yes, I also have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. But this is the best way to learn about projects I might be doing and people I might be working with. You can see pictures and videos, get in contact with me, either directly or through my amazing and varied rep, and even find out about some other work I do outside of the business. 

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This thought-provoking view of our political landscape hits a bit close to home. Another Tom Kelly project, I hope to see this hit the screen before the election. Political drama with a great cast.

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​Ellison has survived two seasons in the Marvel Universe. Looks like he's gonna be around for a bit longer.